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West Country Parrots

African Grey Parrot Head

I am a private hobby breeder of hand reared african greys and amazons we are located on the Devon / Cornwall border an ideal location to cover the whole of the West Country.

We believe that every one of our little babies deserve the very best start to their long life. Each little bundle from the moment they are removed from the nest box enjoy all the love and care lavished upon them till the time they are ready to leave, and start their new lives with their new parents.

None of our birds are treated as a commodity but as little people as if I had given birth to them my self. When and if you chose to buy one of my little babies you will realise that all my animals are treated as family members.

Please feel free to contact us for availability of our next clutch of babies, as you may reserve your new little friend from two weeks old and start bonding from the start of their journey to adulthood.

African Grey babies are now hatched and deposits are being taken.

You are welcome to come and help hand feed your little baby.

Now only one baby left - 10th December 2015


Email Sharon at for more information and availability